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Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant
Asphalt Batch Mix Plant
Product Code : 01
Brand Name : FAB INDIA
Product Description

Our ASP series of Asphalt Batch Plant is the outcome of large years of expertise and is stringently assembled with customer centered requirements in their designs, sizes etc.

Asphalt batch mix plant is a perfect construction instrumentation used for manufacturing of asphalts, which are mainly used for road as well as other civil constructions. Asphalts are equipped by the combination of grade-appropriate symmetry of aggregates, stone dust, which are heated and then mixed with befitting content of bitumen on standardized temperature. After executing this procedure these products are shipped to work site.

ASP Series Plant is furnished with the current technology, quality parts, process activities, mechanization and are proven with optimal executions. Hence, the ASP series plants remarkably warrants – big power savings, advanced fuel efficiency with auto inflecting burners, field tested cost-efficient counter flowing drier drums –technology for 3-D mixtures, globally obeying pollution control system of low maintenance, user friendly SCADA instrumentality, meagerly computerized auto-loading process controls and more than these. In addition, with our superior quality products our invincible customer services and spares assistance are benefited to the clients.

The absolute range of models are available for proportioned capacity 60 – 240 TPH. Capacities lees than 128 TPH and more than 240 TPH are specially customized on special requirements.

FAB INDIA INDUSTRIES superior asphalt batch mix plant postulates analyzable process technology, which in turn looks on the complete cooperation between all the sections. We manufacture all the essential parts of plant considering burners, screens, mixers, drums, feeders, filters and controls.

Drying drum

  • Strapping and compact structure, extremely reliable.

  • Fuel or energy efficient

  • Directed by 4 wheel sprocket chains/pulleys

  • Well operated with ease and simplicity.

  • Alloy materials are used to defend against deterioration and tear.

  • Particularly arranged flights to give unvarying movement of heat to various size aggregates.

  • High fecundity through particularly planned burners and internal parts of drum.


  • Perfected flow and debased maintenance

  • High temperature immune filter bags are utilized, which can withstand temperature up to 200c.

  • Extended filter life

  • Makeshift thermal insulation

  • Consolidated, less mass with larger filtration orbit

  • Recycling of fine and coarse materials.

  • System works automatically and operated fully from control cabin.


The tending circular movement moving screens with patented vibrating screens designing, bestow to top notch execution and yields minimum hindering of screen sorts. The designs of free floating precludes quivers from being moved to the weighing criterion. A convenient wide platform comforts the fixing and upkeep of the screens.

Hot bin unit is accoutered with extremely efficient debased maintenance pneumatic controls, which have high and low plane indicators in the Control Cabin. The system is integrated and allows for self-loading controls of the mass input from cold feeder bins. Thus it minimizes material failure by decrement and wastage.

Extremely dependable weighing systems come with low fixture load cells and an effortless calibration grouping that makes the ANP series extremely favored.

The 3 D mixer part is the soul of the ANP plant and has a big live zone, recognizing a speedy and even mixture of asphalts. The unit is hot oil coated and is supplied with a low-care oil-bath kind chain drives.

The arms, paddles and tips are made of wear tolerant high nickel treated cast alloy steels. The designing of the mixer interiors insures a low operational price.

Hot stone bin selection trays (elective) and an absolute batching tower dust cleaning are standardized in every ANP series plant.
System works are automatically and fully directed through control cabins.

Bitumen tanks

  • Covering from heat by complete coated piping

  • Coated bitumen pumps

  • Heat control through thermostatic valves

  • Level indicants for hydrocarbon

  • Thermal coil instrumentality

  • Bitumen intake system by pneumatic mode

FAB INDIA INDUSTRIES is proficient in the field of Asphalt Batching plant and give all answers to your problems. Being connected with us and we proceed our services to you for an extended time period.


  • Extremely reliable quality

  • Well operated and negligible maintenance

  • Wide region for the physical to flow

  • Drive is done by eccentric weight system or vibrato

  • Perfectly designed internal parts that impedes mixing of assorted sizes of materials

  • Well adjustable sieves, reclaimable doors platforms

  • Rendered with comely tension and tendency that aids in consistent dispersion of load and hassle free capacity.

Cold bin feeder

  • All bin feeders have 50t capacity.

  • Beefed-up, long-lasting, outfitted with changeable frequency drive

  • Casual to operate

  • Anti-bridging arrangement for unvarying flow

  • Vibrating motors for effortless flowing of precise material

  • Grid usage for precluding harsh minerals


  • Twinned shaft kind mixers are used

  • Ready-made with Ni-hard 4 physical, which is hard and assures long life guarantee

  • Gates with pneumatic grouping

  • Concurrent running parallel double shafts, which heightens comely mixture of asphalt with materials.

Weighing unit

  • Aggregate, fillers and abroad fine materials are counted individually.

  • Accoutered with load cells.


The ANP series plants are provisioned with standardized multiple stage pollution control units, consisting of duplicate cyclonic extractors and an alternate bag house filtrate.

All ANP series plant are provisioned with air flow kind bag house filter units. Our house filters are applauded in the industry for their bonded savings on power, lower upkeep, problem free service and strict conformity to rigorous environmental norms.

Highlights :

  • Discharge less than 50 mg / NM³

  • Diminished Dust loads on bag house filters due to trenchant separation of coarse dust particles at firsthand stage.

  • Extended bag filter life, due to attenuated dust loads

  • Zero Fixing design

  • Filler recycling

  • Power savings

FAB INDIA INDUSTRIES as1 control system:

FAB INDIA INDUSTRIES has modified its control instrumentation for the cost-effective presentation of quality asphalt mix.

  • Utilized for batch as well as uninterrupted plant

  • Easy apprehension of Asphalt batch mix plant

  • Meticulous weighing of minerals

  • Punctual reminder for maintenance

  • Simple to operate the plant

  • Unsubtle visualization of plant condition

  • Extremely reliable operation

  • As1 benefits:


With our specific range, customers can opt between straightforward heating type bitumen storage tanks and indirect heating type hot oil hot bitumen storage tanks. The storage capacity compasses from 15 to 50 tons.

The indirect heating tanks are provisioned with a first-rate design thermic oil heater. Automatic imported pressure jet burners are supplied with direct heating tanks. As a modular all our tanks are provided with auto thermostatic activities and level gauge indicators.


The ANP series plants are provided with bitumen weigh hopper section, hot oil straitjacketing on bitumen pipe lines, asphalt pumps and pug mill physical structure. Choosing for hot oil heating cuts down asphalt pipeline blocking, asphalt pump binding, smoother bitumen weigh batches and even-textured pug mill activity.

The thermic oil heaters we furnish come with machine-driven temperature controls so as to hold out fine bitumen temperature. The thermic oil heater is also integrated with self-directed automatic controls considering low level switches, oil temperature indicator controllers, over temperature cut off thermostat burner functional circuits, reduced circulation pressure switches. The Capacity range is : up to 500,000 KCAL/HR.


We offers a big extent (4-50 tons) of reclaim and international filler storage resolutions. The filler from the silo are in conveyance into the filler elevators on the assemblage tower, which then is measured & amalgamated in the pug mill unit.

The filler from silos can obligatorily be provided with filler feeding bucket elevators so as to grace the bagged filler feeding. As a regulation the filler silo are provisioned with plane indicators and functional interlocks.


  • 4 / 5 / 6 pre batch feeder instrumentation is integrated with autonomous variable drive electric motors. The one bin is instrumented with vibratory motors.

  • Fully insulated dryers are enclosed with automatic silenced burner to complete with pre heater, invisible probes and dryer feeding conveyor.

  • Hot elevator system is featured.

  • Four / Five deck vibrating screens are enclosed.

  • Four / Five hoppers are provided for the keeping of hot aggregates.

  • Bitumen, Aggregates, filler and hot mix weighing unit.

  • Bitumen store and heating instrumentation with hot oil heat exchanger.

  • Meagerly computerized control panels with PLC, PC, Video, Power room, Printer etc.

  • Bag form air pollution control grouping with bag filters are completed with chimney and exhausters.

  • Filler elevators are provided for well dust of bag filters.

  • Hot mix silo come with discharge doors, 2 storage space, halfway hopper and level signaling.

Plant Model
PER FAB 1000 FAB 1500 FAB 2000

 Plant Capacity  t/h  80-100  120  160

Batch Size kg 1000 1500 2000
Units Cycle time sec 45 45 45
Cold feed bins No. of Bins / Capacity nos./Ton 4 /12 4 /13 4 /15
Charging conveyor Capacity t/h. 100 140 180

Drive type
Chain Drive Chain Drive Chain Drive
Type High Pressure. Fully Automatic,
High Pressure. Fully Automatic,
High Pressure. Fully Automatic,

Diesel / furnace oil Diesel / furnace oil Diesel / furnace oil

Capacity MW/hr. 12.5 14.1 14.1
Hot Elevator  Capacity  t/H.  100  140  180
Tower Unit

S creening Unit Screering method
Inclined liner Vibration Inclined liner Vibration Inclined liner Vibration

No. of deck
4 4 4

Screening Capacity t/h . 100 140 180
Hot aggregate bin unit  No. of bins
4 4 4
W eighing unit Aggregate hopper capacity  kg  1200  1600  2000

Filler hopper capacity kg 300 300 300

Bitumen hopper capacity kg. 225 225 225
Mixer Unit Type
Twin-Shaft hot oil jacketed Twin-Shaft hot oil jacketed Twin-Shaft hot oil jacketed

Mixer capacity kg. 1000 1500 2000

 Bitumen pump  lpm  600  800  800
Pollution Control Unit

Primary Type
Centrifugal double cyclone Centrifugal double cyclone Centrifugal double cyclone
Secondary Type
Bag House filer Bag House filer Bag House filer

 Bag House filter
 Reverse Flow System  Reverse Flow System  Reverse Flow System

Filter area m2 385 400 450
Bitumen Tank Capacity Nos. / Ton 15 KL(2) 30 KL(2) 30 KL(2)
Fuel Tank Ltrs. 10,000 10,000 18,000 18,000
Control Pannel Type
Fully computerized with
manual over-ride
Fully computerized with
manual over-ride
Fully computerized with
manual over-ride

Accessories  (Optional*)

F iller Silo Capacity Range m3 15 / 17 / 20 / 22 15 / 17 / 20 / 22 15 / 17 / 20 / 22
 Bitumen tanks  Capacity Range  m3  15 / 25 / 30 / 50  15 / 25 / 30 / 50  15 / 25 / 30 / 50

 Heating System
 Direct Heating / Thermic oil heating  Direct Heating / Thermic oil heating  Direct Heating / Thermic oil heating
 Thermic oil heater

Filler Elevator

 Hot oil heater capacity




 1,00,000 / 3,00,000


 1.5,00,000 / 3,00,000


 1.5,00,000 / 3,00,000





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